Puma Management works with health care leaders and providers to improve and grow their businesses with smart, innovative business development services. We assist to develop alternative client models such as personal injury and worker’s compensation. We improve market presence and impact with business development initiatives. We help refine marketing and branding programs. 

In everything we do, we follow a simple philosophy: We exist to serve our clients.

We would be honored at the opportunity to meet you, learn about your business and share ideas towards your success. Please feel free to contact us. 


James F Casale

James F Casale


James directs the programs at Puma Management that provide high value business development and finance services for its health care clients.  He is a a dynamic business leader that has experienced success in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. James has designed, led and executed marketing, business development and business process improvement projects for companies including American Express, HSN and several health care enterprises. James has a special interest in the disciplines of marketing, sales, total quality and service excellence.

James earned an MBA from New York University and is a former U.S. Army Reserve officer. He is the proud father of two college students. 

James has been involved many years in youth soccer administration, coaching and officiating, and can kick the ball around a bit too.