Marketing & Business Development

Brand-Building and Long-term Growth

Business competition is fierce, and the health care industry is no exception. No matter your type of practice, you must have structured Marketing & Business Development programs in place to identify market opportunities and successfully pursue those opportunities to grow your business and retain existing customers.

The disciplines of Business Development and Marketing go hand in hand.  Marketing is the discipline of identifying opportunities in a specific market. The organization then develops and executes programs that build the business brand; communicate persuasively and honestly the benefits of the product; sells the product efficiently; and reinforces the benefits and value to the customer.

Marketing is not smoke and mirrors! It’s a very dynamic process that involves every aspect of your company.  In fact, every person in your organization should be part of your marketing efforts.

Business Development programs will leverage the marketing programs to pursue and create long term value in the market.  Business Development programs include alliances, partnerships and joint ventures to realize expanded business growth opportunities.