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Medical Lien Financing

Smart financing provides you needed cash flow while protecting and building your business relationships.

Facing rising costs and lower reimbursements, medical providers are challenged with maintaining healthy profit levels for their practice.

If managed correctly, services for personal injury patients can be an attractive channel for increased business.

Our company provides business development and finance services to medical professionals, with a special focus on the personal injury channel.  Through our impactful marketing and business development programs, we will help you source and maintain quality personal injury business for your practice.

We also provide financing services for your medical lien bills. Now there a many companies out there who will write a check for your medical receivables. Our goal is not only to buy your receivables, but to build build your business and your cash flow – both short and long term.


We will pay you a very competitive price for your receivables.  At the same time, we won’t overpay. Why do we say this? We make this point because we want to help you maintain a very positive, long-term relationship with the law firms whose clients your are helping. To do that, we need to be prompt and constructive with the law firms on the final financial case settlement. This is a really important consideration for attorneys and we have found a major contributor to long-term satisfaction in the relationship.

For us, medical lien financing is not about a transaction; it’s about building a program that ensures the long-term success of our clients.

Please feel to contact us here directly. We would be honored with the opportunity to learn about you and your medical practice and share ideas towards your success.