Our Services

Puma offers a comprehensive approach that combines industry-specific expertise with innovative problem-solving strategies to deliver actionable insights and tangible results. 

Lien Management

Puma Management Smart Financing provides smart, fast cash flow for your personal injury services.  

There are plenty of companies out there who will write a check for your medical receivables.  Our goal is not only to provide cash flow for your receivables, but to help you build your practice and cash flow – both short and long term.  

Business Development

Business competition is fierce, and the health care industry is no exception. No matter your type of practice, you must have structured Marketing & Business Development programs in place to identify market opportunities and successfully pursue those opportunities to grow your business and retain existing customers.

Value to Attorneys

Attorneys understand the need to secure high quality, timely medical services for their clients.. Effective coordination of care is critical to ensure the clients health care needs are met. Secondly, proper protocol is important to support a positive outcome of the legal case.

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